Here’s To Your Health

December 1, 2016

You’re feeling inspired — you’ve set your New Year’s resolution to be healthier and happier, to feel more fit, to have more energy.

Where do we go from here to get you there?

There is good research demonstrating that the “standard american diet” (S.A.D., appropriately) is making us sick, rather than promoting our health. However, there are many easy and convenient ways to transform your diet. One way I make sure I’m getting enough plant foods everyday is to start off with a smoothie packed with fresh greens, protein powder, and spirulina, with just a touch of frozen fruit as well. Another change you could make is ditching those sugary afternoon snacks and replacing them with superfoods like goji berries or golden berries. Healthy food can be our best medicine

Are you thinking – been there done that and it’s not working! Your diet is good, you exercise regularly, but your still feeling fatigued and not yourself. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – often, and more frequently as we age, we need to supplement with essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. I highly recommend reading Dr. Tieraona Low Dog’s book Fortify Your Life (or stop by the shop and we’ll summarize it for you). Her book can help you figure out a plan for supplementation based on your age, gender and lifestyle that will help you fill in nutritional gaps.

You’re a healthy eater, regular exerciser, you get good sleep AND you supplement to support your nutritional needs, yet you’re still not at your best? Consider getting your hormone and vitamin levels tested to see if you’re missing a key nutrient or perhaps having thyroid or other hormonal issues. If you suspect an underlying thyroid or adrenal issue, check out Dr. Aviva Romm’s book The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution. She offers great science-based advice and natural solutions.

If you ever have questions our doors are open! We have a knowledgeable staff and a carefully researched selection of the best supplements and natural health products you can find.

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